Methodology for the OECD Substitution and Alternatives Assessment Case Study Repository

This OECD case study repository summarizes and presents examples of alternatives assessments in a uniform way, with the goal of facilitating the analysis of lessons learned and searchability.

Case studies included in this repository meet the following criteria:

In developing this case study repository, OECD’s goal is to include case studies that represent a variety of organizations, industry sectors, and alternatives assessment frameworks. Preference is given to case studies conducted within the last ten years, but in certain cases, older case studies have been included to enhance the type and range of information included in the repository. Inclusion of a case study within the case study repository does not mean that OECD endorses the methodology or results.

Each of the case studies included in the repository was evaluated against a common template. The resulting summaries were then sent to the study’s author(s) for review, and revisions were made, as necessary. Future OECD SAAToolbox releases will contain additional case studies.